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CD Station, Dec 7, 2017


This is a blog about music, science, code and CD-s. You have resources 1025 Samples to Download now! (more at Releases), as well as blogposts that you are able to find in the Blog Archive.

More on me, I am Single Coil / Stan / N (have some names for releasing, could decide, but nah, more is better), the lonely musician / radio station host that takes interest in music and code. Now, that's it about me, get's go with the blog! I will be presenting you my apps, my "How to" posts and coding in languages such as: C++, Html, Css, etc. Also, I will tell you my opinions on how to make Cgi, Seo, Blog (show off) and a lot more. If you are interested in a specific type of post, go to the Blog Archive. Also there are a lot of resources (pictures, sounds, presentations, etc.) for you. I didn't make all of them. Even so it is obvious which I did do. Those are ©, you know. At Releases you are able to find what I have made, more grouped. Now, there, you could like 4 download, but also make a purchase, if available. Check information. So, go to the Blog Archive to get going!
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(Online) World Tour

Internet World Tour, Dec 7, 2017


I will make this thing which I call an online world tour, meaning that I will search for sites in a lot of countries and I will either put my music there, my blog posts or simmilar, even comment if it is not possible to upload. I will redirrect to this website and then I will show you my stats by country. Should be great! Stats until now.

Rebloggable pictures / Patches

Rebloggable Patches, Dec 7, 2017

If you want.

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