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How to make an Album Art (Cover)

CD Station, Dec 7, 2017

So, how do you make yourself a cover art?

Making an album art ©

Well, there are several ways of doing it:

1. Take a picture of yourself.

2. Learn Graphics

3. Have it made for you

4. Make it really basic

A picture of a face ©

1. Take a picture of yourself

It is a proven fact that covers with human faces are most profitable. That's right, music with your face on it make you more money.

So, take a picture of yourself, and put it on the album art conver. Make sure that you also have the album name next to it.

Get yourself a position that makes you photogrnic, or take a picture of your face. Even your ID picture could do (you could even put your ID there if you want).

Not much more to be said.

2. Learn Graphics

Now, this might take time. If you want to learn computer graphics, I reccomand that you search for:

  • Blender (Cgi environment)
  • -----------------
  • Krita (draw in 2D)
  • -----------------
  • Inkscape (vector graphics)
  • -----------------
  • gThumb (image tagger)
  • -----------------

I think that if you want to make graphics yourself, then 3D Cgi will be really rewarding, if you learn it. Even so, it's a lot more fast to draw (or take a picture).

Make sure that you have a great font to go with your album art. I have a bunch of fonts to help you make your cover art splendid: ⇢ Go to Fonts

Fonts are usable in Blender and even in your file editors, if you install them. That could be a thing! Make your album art on a slide presentation, you already know how to do that!

Abstract things are ok as well ©

3. Have it made for you

Well, if you have the money have your album art made for you. Find a graphician and you are done. It will come out great.

An advantage that this also gives you is that the graphician will put his or her name on the slbum art, so, your music will get more exposure if you hire a really huge graphician.

Even so, you most likely don't have the money for that, so, basically hire a person to it for you online.

There are a lot of graphiciand waiting to make your alsbum art, so, assign that task to them. You could also ask them to meke the interior of it as well.

4. Make it really basic

Well, you know how to draw, right? Well, then, draw, scan what you made and make it into an svg file, with Inkscape.

Also, you could get crafty, collect a bunck of printed pictures and take a photo of them. You could do a lot of things.

Even so, the most basic approach is taking a picture of yourself. If you don't want to put it online like that, make an svg out of it, apply an effect to make you less recognisable.

It's not how you get to make it, but what you have when your are done.

CD ©

So, make sure to have great album art to get more clicks.

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