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How to make Money out of Music

CD Station, Dec 7, 2017

So, how do you make money out of music?

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Money out of music could be make through:

1. Teaching Music

2. Streaming

3. Making a music-related website

4. Shows

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1. Teaching Music

Teaching music is the most certain and profitable source of money for a musician. There are a lot of parents that what their kid to know music, so, let's go with that!

Even so, teaching music involves that you know piano or simmilar things, as well as music theory. Also, you have to be self-employed (this goes for any money that you make, not considering your day job).

The most demanded music lessons are for Piano.

Even so, they center around 1 thing. Music Theory. So, you will have to learn it. I have a blogpost that could help: ⇢ Music Theory. The basics. Also, make sure that you have a certificate to demonstrate that you actually know music.

Make sure that you announce yourself as a teacher and you let your relatives and close ones know. You or they will find interested people. Tell them to ask around (not much to be doing). Also, make sure that you:

  • Come prepared with Scores / Tabs
  • -----------------
  • Note yourself what to do next with them
  • -----------------
  • Know how to talk to kids (it's mostly kids that take music lessons)
  • -----------------
  • Prepare yourself to respond to any question that concerns the lesson
  • -----------------

2. Streaming

What is this? Sreaming is basically listening to music. So, you could basically make money out of people listening to your music. Even so, there is a problem.

You have to have a contract with a music aggregator. Ta dam! Websites that could pay you for streaming music only do that through music aggregators, so, you have to have a contract.

Also, you have to make sure that you music is visible to people that enter music streaming websites. That only happens with Seo. ⇢ How to do that

Making money out of music online is the most you could want, as physical music distribution is not really profitable (Even so, CD-s are great.)

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3. Making a music-related website

As with streaming, Seo matters a lot when thinking how to get people to your content. Please consider Seo when doing anything online ⇢ Promoting with Seo

I don't want to bug you with Seo, but, it is almost the only thing that matters, when you make a webpage. Well, of course coding Html and Css really helps ⇢ How to do that as well as making great content, but, most of the money will be made with banners.

Such banners are, for example, the "Get a Pdf with How to know better!" things that you come across online. There are certain websites that monetize you for putting such things on your websites.

Also a thing that you could be doing is making music online on demand. For earning money online in general, check out this blogpost: ⇢ How to make money online

4. Shows

Well, shows are a thing (even if they re online). Making films that you put online really helps you make money out of music that you make (but so do real shows).

Renting a place for your shows is really expensive, so, until get to that, you could be doing things online, making a name for yourself (also Seo. Ok, that's it, not mentioning it anymore)

Shows are the closest things to teaching music, considering profit. Even so, they are expensive and, unless you sell CD-s, T-shirts and so on, you will not make a profit.

What truly matters is that you find yourself a way of making money (with music lessons being the 1st option).

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So, make sure to know music theory, get a certification and students to make money out of music.

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