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My take on Informatics (Computer Science)

CD Station, Dec 7, 2017

So, how does informatics help you?

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Well, informatics (computer science) helps you a lot:

1. It is in everything

2. Helps you make a website

3. It gets you a lot of money

4. Helps you follow your hobbies

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1. It is in everything

Tell me a thing that was made without informatics in the world today. Before you search that online, let me tell you: everything made today is made with informatics.

To name things that infomatics helps you with, I will say:

  • Your choltes (yes, informatics helps make them)
  • -----------------
  • Things you have at home (your bed, your wardrobe etc.)
  • -----------------
  • Things you have with you (your phone, your wallet etc.)
  • -----------------

Info - Informatics is the same as Computer Science (saying that everywhere)

Computer science is everywhere! You have to understand that. Even so, how does it help you? How could you utilize code help yourself?

That is what this blogpost is going to tell you.

2. Helps you make a website

Well, yes, but do I actualy have to have a website? Yes, and here are the reasons:

  • Top Idea You could put you CV online (a lot more than 1 page of text, which is what is usully asked for)
  • -----------------
  • Top Idea Making a blog for your business helps it grow online. ⇢ How to do that
  • -----------------
  • You could make a webpage for your hobby.
  • -----------------
  • You could get hired faster (you are able to get in detail with what you know, do etc.)
  • -----------------

How do you make a website then? Well, you could: search for an online website maker, learn to code or have it made for you (so, pay for it).

I think that you could make your website yourself, especially if it only presents you, your CV, etc. So, find a website making website.

If you want to learn how to code it, learn Html and Css.

Informatics ©

3. It gets you a lot of money

Now, to make it clear, you have to know it. That mostly happens if you go to a computer science faculty, right? So, do that.

If going to a faculty has long passed you, you could also learn it and do it online. That's right, a faculty is not required.

Even so, you have to have work experience and knowledge to get offers online. Also, if you wanted to know, if you pass 40 y, you won't get hired in a firm.

Even so, online you could do a lot of things. Now, for example, the most payed for programming language is:

  • C / C++
  • -----------------

4. Helps you follow your hobbies

I told you that everything is done on a computer. Your hobbies also. For example, here is how to make music: ⇢ Making music

Now, I will give you a list of software that helps you with your hobbies: ⇢ Sites and apps for hobbies

Make sure that you find the fasterst way to do your hobbies. For that download the CD Station scheme ⇢ Scheme (if you want).

So, informatics helps you a real lot.

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So, make sure to know how to do things on a computer to be able to make more.

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