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Ok, so, for now, I have a lot of names. Single Coil is for music (like the stage name), Stan is for blogging and N is for ... let's say art at large. I know it is only 1 letter, but, I like it. You know, I had a lot of accounts with diffrent names, so, I had to tell them to you. I was thinking to call myself Stan N. Coil. I'll think it through. So, what do I do exactly? Well, I blog, make music, code, make cgi (not the greatest) and do Seo. I blog things such as "How to"-s, concepts, music, Seo, graphics and so on. If you want to get to my posts, go to the Blog Archive. If you want to get to my things, well, go to Resources. You are able to find interesting pictures, graphical elements, sound samples for making music and a lot more. So, that's me, Stan N. Coil.


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It's me Stan, your CD Station Host. My passions are music and coding. More...

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